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Charter, fly with a Embraer | Preator 600

Embraer had already bet on the "Legacy" types with the Legacy 450 and 500. It was in 2018 that the Brazilian manufacturer introduced on the NBAA Exhibition Tarmac in La Vegas its Preator new aircraft range with the Preator 500 and the Preator 600.
The cabin space remains relatively equivalent to that of its predecessor. Improvements where focussed mainly on the aerodynamics, on a larger fuel capacity and by opting for winglets so that the manufacturer could count to increase the autonomy of the 2 aircraft types. The Preator 600 is a private jet capable of operating a transatlantic flight which was impossible by the Legacy 600.


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With a range of up to 3,900 nautical miles, the Praetor 600 is the jet of its class that combines the qualities of a long range with the ability to fly much further.
Passagers Range Speed Luggage Category
8-9 3900 nm 466 Kts 4,39 m3 Super Midsize Jet

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