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A smart way to find your flight


We are committed to a sustainable aviation. We care deeply about our impact on the environment and on the climate.

That’s why when you book a flight with us, we automatically include a carbon offset plan with real calculations based on the flight's carbon emissions per passenger. And that’s we partner with trusted third-party stakeholders. Additionnaly, we offer you the opportunity to reduce your CO2 emissions using SAF (Sustainable Aviation Fuel).

Aviation on-demand and the use of private jets are responsible for almost 2% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. A low ratio but it is rather the fact that a marginal number of travellers is the cause that is controversial.


Nearly 2/3 of flights are empty (empty leg) so we optimize schedules and source these empty leg flights for travellers. Flightharing reduce the carbon emissions produced by the number of passengers. Conditioning the departure of any "by the seat" flights to its occupancy rate is again a guarantee of respect for the environment.


Whether you charter a flight or book a seat, you’re part of our climate action plan. Using the criteria specified by the US Energy Information Administration, we calculate a precise carbon offset and you receive a statement detailing your 200% carbon offset. We commit to sustainable programs such as the Kariba Forest Protection in Zimbabwe.


All of our decisions big and small take into account environmental impact. Whether we’re choosing office supplies for our teams or helping you book a jet, we make sure to choose a sustainable and responsible option. This is the essence of our flighsharing and flightpooling concept to bring conveniences to aviation on-demand.


The adoption of bio-fuel, commonly called SAF, remains one of the major levers to be activated to considerably reduce CO2 emissions from aviation. This is the action lever that seems the most realistic, applicable now and effective to date. Participate in our Sustainable Aviation FuelBook & Claim” program for acceptable travel and help the industry achieve 65% SAF usage by 2050.


SAF • Book & Claim

Let's commit to reducing CO2 emissions in the aviation industry all together. The adoption of Bio-Fuels is the most impacting factor that can now reduce emissions considerably in comparison with the levers of action consisting in optimizing operations (long-tail effects, trajectories) or even new aircraft technologies powered by electricity or hydrogen. Produced in a limited quantity at the moement but capable of reducing emissions by up to 80% SAF is a game changer. It can be produced from a variety of sources, including waste oil and fats, green and municipal waste, non-food crops, and even through synthetic processes that capture carbon directly from the air. Throughout Book & Claim we source physical SAF quantities from ISCC+ certified suppliers, ensuring complete traceability of the claimed amounts and reliable delivery to airline partners within the aviation sector. Our solution undergoes rigorous third-party auditing, guaranteeing traceability to each delivery batch and eliminating any doubts of double claiming.
Let's reduce our emissions: contact our experts

Offset on every flight • 200%

To help make private aviation greener, we’re committed to providing you with accurate carbon footprint calculations of your private jet travel. Whatever you travel "by the seat" or on a private jet charter option, we use the criteria set out by the US Energy Information Administration to calculate the precise carbon impact and cost of your travel. Your travel carbon emission is consequently 200% offset through KARIBA FOREST PROTECTION, Zimbabwe • REDD+ program and we detail that for you in a carbon credit statement.

• Emissions = Flight Time x Fuel Burn x 21.1*
• Emissions x Offset plan rate/mT

*21.1 is the Carbon Dioxide Emissions Coefficient for Jet Fuel, as specified by the US Energy Information Administration.

3 servers • 3 trees

We actively participate in the carbon capture of our cloud infrastructure.
We participate in the reforestation of French forests by planting new trees of various species, developing biodiversity: this is our driving force, to fight with you against global warming in which we participate every day. Planting new shoots - support for natural regeneration Local reforestation - plantation exclusively in France Respect for biodiversity - sustainable management of trees of various species.

• Planting new shoots - support for natural regeneration
• Local reforestation - plantation exclusively in France
• Respect for biodiversity - sustainable management of trees of various species

Follow here how our trees contribute and capture Carbon Dioxyde


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